Algae AquaCulture Technologies
Algae AquaCulture Technologies
REGENiSYS® Organics

Soil restoration system for a healthy planet.™

Nutrient and mineral-rich organic and veganic plant and soil foods made from waste woody biomass, algae and sunshine.

All the nutrients your plants need to thrive.™

  • Foliar Sprays
  • Soil Drenches
  • Rooting Solutions
  • Green Power House™ Premium Biochars
  • Soil Systems
The Green Power House™

Turn your waste biomass into electrical power and profits.

Self-sufficient, self-managing, and SUPER-intelligent.

Turnkey. Scalable. Carbon-negative. Waste-free.

One 10,000 sq. ft. facility processing 6 tons waste biomass daily can provide:

  • Power (6 megawatts per day for 100+ homes)
  • Heat (28 million BTUs per day)
  • Revenue (900+ tons REGENiSYS® Organics per year)
  • Food (1/2 acre climate-controlled growing space)
  • Carbon credits
  • Capital investment return within five years
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